Die Cut Decals for AMS Performance

AMS Performance – Die Cut Decals

While I’ve had the pleasure of working with quite a few names in the Motorsports world I’m proud to say I have now had the chance to work with AMS Performance. They are one of the biggest names in the aftermarket world; most notably for being the first to get a GTR to run a 9second quarter mile, then an 8s, 7s, and most recently they figured out how to get one in with a 6.937 at just over 196MPH in their Alpha G Nissan GT-R. Read the full story here on their blog (it has some sweet videos in the copy as well).

TX2K17 Alpha G - Road to 6 Seconds - AMS Performance - Hawgee


Needless to say I just about jumped out of my seat when presented with the opportunity, and I have to say they turned out great. Simple, clean, to the point. I even updated my Alienware from it’s previous Antoine L’estage decal to the AMS Performance Decal. 


They also managed to find a nice home for it on one of the employee’s new racing helmets.



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