Preview: “Fluffy”

Livery Update for “Fluffly”

Chris Jacobs/Jacobs Motorsports – 500+HP C5 Z06

I just wanted to start with a little slider so you got an idea of what an awesome project this was.

So yea… Amazing. The fine folks at Jacobs Motorsports (Chris & Lynda) are at it again. On our last installment we saw their beautiful resto-mod Impala “No Wimp” getting a livery update with included a new twist: reflective vinyl. Well it took that a bit further and did two different tones of reflective and some updated designs based on something a friend of his put together. It turned out incredible:


The car isn’t quite finished as there are a couple more little decals we need to get on for a photoshoot next week. Thankfully they are just little things to help promote me so we were able to knock out all the major decals we wanted in quite a short time frame. I can’t begin to thank them enough to not only let me put some of my own personal goofy decals on there (update photos to follow), but also to even let me put decals on their beautiful automobiles in the first place. Be on the lookout for another blog post as soon as the photos from the shoot are in.