Jacobs Motorsports on for 2017

So. Much. Win.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to start working on livery for the Jacobs Motorsports Team this year. I have had the pleasure of helping them with odd, and ends and each year more and more of the decals covering their beautiful automobiles have been provided by the fine folks at Hawgee. This year, Chris & Lynda had me over to the private hide-away of their Chevelle’s (along with some other beautiful pieces of machinery).  The lead photo shows where we are starting this year… a clean slate; I’ll be sure to picture the car as it progresses throughout the year. 

Stay tuned for another post very soon with some of the recent vinyl and magnet numbers I’ve been putting together for folks for their 2017 season. There is still time to get your orders in and have your magnets before event 1, unless of course you live in one of those warmer climate areas and have already had your first handful of events.