“No Wimp” SS

So it’s been about 2 months since we got word that the fine folks at Jacobs Motorsports were going with us for their livery needs this year. At that time, they needed it done for their Cars & Cones trip (http://www.fm3roadtrip.com/).  We toyed with some ideas while looking over the car and thought we had it figured out. Proofs and renderings were made and sent, and then while at an Autocross Chris said he had seen something on another car he would like to pull off. Instead of the run-of-the-mill single color logos, he saw a really sweet custom two-tone concept. A little bit of design time later and we had it. 

I put the decals together over a few days and ended up having to order some replenishment to finish the job. They were leaving last Friday for the trip and wanted to have the car ready to go well before then. We met up at their place Wednesday night and knocked it out, and followed it up with a delicious meal – my kind of night. I don’t know if any camera can accurately capture how this livery looks but it seriously pops off the car.

Chris managed to get quite a few awesome shots of his car and I think the two featured do a pretty good job in scratching the surface on how cool they actually look. Seriously, find a way to see the car in person.

Thanks again to Chris & Lynda for the support – love you two.