Sponsored Driver: Drew’s Nissan 350z


Drew’s car has come a long way since he first started, both in livery and in driving ability. In the past few years he’s gone from a mid packer to a top PAX’r.  The lead photo was taken this past weekend where he took 1st place in C-Street at a Milwaukee Region SCCA event. The photo below I took in 2012 where he took 79/174 on PAX.


Photo Credit: DBH Photo – Website | Facebook | Twitter


While this photo was taken just this past Sunday where he placed 23/187 on PAX.


Photo Credit: Rawson Images | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Flickr


I’m beyond thrilled to continue to work with him as he develops as a racer. Drew has been a long time friend of mine and to see him doing well, and continuing to improve is awesome. Be sure to keep an eye out for him at Solo Nationals this year and say hey, or more appropriately BOR!!!!!!