A friend and Hawgee Sponsored racer recently came to me with an idea… a dream. You see Alan came to be the owner of a beautiful blurple Firebird and quickly after acquisition started talks of applying some nostalgia to the hood. He wanted to apply an updated version of the original Phoenix on his car and he managed to convince his wife (quite the accomplished artist) to put together a rendering. After a few back and forth emails and some minor updates we had what we needed.

Alan approved the mockup, and I got to work. He wanted to have it on for the SCCA CAM Challenge in Peru, IN. so I did what I could. Thankfully he had some driveway space for use and a free evening before departing for the event and we made the most of it. The major of the night was spent removing plasti-dip stripes from the hood, but once that was complete we affixed the new FireChicken.




I couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product; especially since I got to be a part of the process since it was conceptualized.